Open October 17th to April every season, 7 days a week.

Ben & Heidi Rosewarne

Thornton Road, Whakatane

Phone 07 308 0444

OPEN 8am - 5.30pm Every day


17th October 2018

Currently closed


We will have vacancies very shortly for various picking jobs.

Most popular is the blueberry picking which will start early December, picking over christmas until at least mid January. Although blueberry picking will go longer for commited pickers (March).

If you are interested in jobs with us you will need transport as we pick at 2 locations, able to start early as we generally pick from 7.30am to 11.30am daily. Very realiable and able to commit to a minimum for 4 weeks work although preferance will be given to those who can work longer.

We also have a limited number of packing, strawberry,raspberry and front-line shop staff. These positions do however get filled quickly.

If you would like to discuss job vacancies with us phone after 7.30pm on (07) 3080444. Please dont email or text your job requests.

Ben and Heidi