Open October 17th to April every season, 7 days a week.

Ben & Heidi Rosewarne

Thornton Road, Whakatane

Phone 07 308 0444

OPEN 8am - 5.30pm Every day


17th October 2018

Currently closed

Open labour weekend through to late March this little orchard shop will surprise you for not only the juiciest blueberries but all the other surprises inside.

Our shop will entertain you while you watch our very own working packhouse grading and sorting blueberries for local and export trade and treat yourself with our many blueberry products, fresh berries, natural berry icecreams, smoothies, coffee and fresh blueberry baking!

Call in and enjoy our orchard atmosphere with picnic area and childrens playground.

Blueberry Corner

Owned by Ben and Heidi Rosewarne, started as an orchard shop in 2005 to add to the already well established orchard business of local and export blueberries.

Ben and Heidi shifted to Whakatane in 2002 - formerly from south Taranaki, with their then young family.

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